About MATD Consulting…

MATD Behavioral Consulting
2016 Autism Walk

MATD is a Behavioral Consulting Group that prioritizes people, families, and programs while offering behavior supports and strategies. We provide person centered supports that focus upon quality of life. We strongly believe in equal rights for individuals with develop

MATD Behavioral Consulting
Our family is dedicated to helping you

mental or intellectual disabilities.

We offer many different services that are tailored to the specific person in order to help families, programs and support providers meet the needs of that individual.  An example of some of the more common services that we offer are; Functional Behavior Assessments, Positive Behavior Support Plans, Individual Support Plan advocacy, Interaction Guidelines, OIS-G / IF training, sensory training/products, communication plans, and research support. If we can’t assist you ourselves, we can help you find the specific resources that you need.

MATD has a solid team to support individuals with years of experience in the field, including OIS Certified Trainers who can assist in person centered support plans.

We would love to get to know you or your program better, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember that we are more alike than different and we strive to live this in our every day lives!