Currently offered products:

  • Weighted blankets
    • Custom orders available. Prices start out at $80 and go up depending upon size, weight, and fabric type. The blanket being displayed was 38″x50″ with 6lbs of polyethylene pellets. These blankets should be washed on gentle cycle with cold water and can be tumble dried on low heat but is recommended to line dry for longer use of the blanket.
    • To find out how much weight to put in your blanket the formula is:
      • For CHILD: weight of the person x 10% + 1-2 lbs of polyethylene pellets. (Example: for the Star Wars blanket the child weighed 51 lbs x 10% + 1 lb equaled 6lbs)
      • For ADULT: weight of the person x 5-10% equals the approximate weight in polyethylene pellets. (Example: for the blue/flower blanket the adult weighs 130 lbs x 5% equals 6.5lbs of weight making a lighter weighted blanket for an adult)

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  • Weighted vest
  • Sensory stimuli
  • Emotions wheel
  • Communication board
  • Communication calendars


Individual prices vary upon size, type, and weight. For accurate prices please contact us!

More products coming soon!

If a specialized product you are searching for is not listed please contact us and let us know!